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Hang 2

Dual Eyeglass Strap - Because 2 Is Better Than One


EyeGlass Straps Built for Sport

For all your outdoor adventures! Hang2 dual eyeglass strap is here to make sure your glasses and safe and secure. You can stop worrying and start enjoying your favorite sports. 

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Check out our eyeglass straps, they are water-resistant, come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, patented magnetic hooks, free shipping, and two great styles. 

Built for Summer



For fishing, you often need sunglasses and glasses, be sure you have both right at your fingertips with Hang2 dual eyeglass strap for fishing. 



Out on the watch, things move fast! Make sure that your sunglasses and glasses are safe and secure with dual eyeglass straps built for sports. 

Built for Winter



Skiing, snowboarding, and more you want your eyes protected for the wind, sleet and snow. Hang2 dual eyeglass strap has you covered for all sports. 

Hiking + Snowshoeing


Don't leave home without your glasses and sunglasses securely and stylishly hanging around your neck. When walking, running and hiking.