Dual Eyeglass Strap - Because 2 Is Better Than One

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Hang2 dual eyeglasses strap do?

Hang2 dual eyeglasses strap is the easy way to hold two pairs of glasses—sunglasses, eyeglasses, construction glasses, you name it—secure around your neck. The patented design and water-resistant material is perfect for working, fishing, boating, shopping, anything!

How does Hang2 fit on my glasses?

The Loop or Slip straps go securely over the ends of your glasses. If you have larger glasses the Loop style is best fitting almost all glasses. 

Is Hang2 waterproof?

Yes! Hang2 dual eyeglasses strap is completely water-proof, so it is perfect for fishing, boating and going to the beach. 

Does the Hang2 strap fit all glasses?

The Slip style is a bit tighter and therefore doesn't fit all glasses but the Loop style can fit almost all glasses. 

If Hang2 doesn't work for me can I return it?

Absolutely! We want you to love Hang2 as much as we do. Please call or email us with any issues and we'll offer you a free refund. 

Does Hang2 make a good gift?

Yes! For any outdoors person in your life Hang2 is the answer.